Sulu Organics: 3 lbs Pure USDA Organic Unrefined Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Butter for Optimal Health Benefits

Hemp seed butter is made from cold pressed hemp seeds and contains four essential fatty acids (LA, GLA, LNA, and SDA) that are beneficial for the skin. With a high EFA content of 76%, it is commonly used in body care products like soaps, facial creams, lotions, and sunscreens to moisturize dry and damaged skin, such as eczema, psoriasis, and mastaligia. In addition, hemp seed oil is rich in amino fatty acids and can strengthen and improve the health of hair lacking Omega-3 fatty acids. Unlike other oils, hemp seed oil is easily absorbed by the skin, providing excellent fluidity and lubrication without feeling greasy.
The manufacturing company for this hemp seed butter is SULU ORGANICS, with the ASIN code B0CHWMKQ8T.

To produce the hemp seed butter, fatty fractions and unsaponifiables (natural waxes/paraffins) are collected during the refining process. These components are then blended with hydrogenated vegetable oil to create a butter-like substance suitable for application on the skin and hair.

Price: $35.99
(as of Sep 25, 2023 18:13:17 UTC — Details)

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