SpaLife Invigorating Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil Foot Sockies — Natural Exfoliating Foot Mask (8 Ct)

Indulge in the ultimate foot care experience with SpaLife’s Invigorating Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil Foot Sockies. These exfoliating foot masks offer a rejuvenating treatment that effectively peels off dead skin using powerful botanical extracts. Designed for both men and women, these foot sockies are a simple and safe solution for achieving smoother, healthier feet.

  • Key Features:
    • Natural Exfoliation: Say goodbye to harsh scrubs and scrapping. SpaLife’s foot sockies are enriched with all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts that gently peel off dead skin, revealing softer, smoother feet.
    • Effortless Application: Experience the ease of foot care with these exfoliating foot masks. Simply slip your feet into the sockies and let the exfoliating gel work its magic. No scrubbing, no pain – just relax and enjoy the process.
    • Visible Results: As the old skin naturally peels off over the course of a few days, you’ll notice the emergence of fresh, revitalized skin underneath. The slight dryness or tightness post-treatment indicates the effectiveness of the foot sockies.
    • For Men and Women: Pamper your feet and the feet of your loved ones with this exfoliating foot peel mask. Designed for both genders, it offers the gift of healthier, softer feet.
    • Manufacture Date Notice: Please note that the date on the package is the manufacture date, not the expiration date, ensuring you receive a product at its peak potency.

Revitalize your feet with SpaLife’s Invigorating Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil Foot Sockies. Reveal smoother, healthier skin by effortlessly incorporating this natural exfoliating foot mask into your beauty routine. Achieve the spa-like pampering you deserve and walk confidently with softer, refreshed feet.


Price: $49.99 - $19.99
(as of Aug 14, 2023 19:22:20 UTC — Details)

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