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For years, Kitty has been trapped on Oak Island and forced to do leg work for a bunch of orcs who love nothing more than the occasional toilet humor. Watching all the videos available in the section is rewarded with an additional short video that can be unlocked and viewed. Overall, the interactivity of Battle Kitty resembles a restrictive list of episodes more than it offers viewers any real impact. Battle Kitty takes us on a mixed otic journey of kitty and orc trying to beat and champion the many bosses of Battle Island. Even some of the monsters cheer on the twins! Kitty and Orc are an excellent team, often winning through teamwork and unique skills. The real obstacle happens when the monsters demand that Kitty and Oak defeat it in ways other than a few cuffs to the face. The series revolves around the defeat of many monsters, so viewers should wait for many moving punches and injuries. Characters die and are often transformed into skeletons or ghosts. Buildings are destroyed, people are impaled by arrows and blown up by dynamite - all this happens in a bloodless manner in PG, but characters suffer bruises, sunken eyes and broken hands.

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