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National Achievements Guide - Fable 2 Book Locations. Walkthrough Guide. IGN's Fable 2: Walkthroughs, Items, Maps, Video Tips, and Strategies. The only achievements you need to worry about are actually lost achievements: Coronation Chicken, You Can't Bring Me Down, and Tough. Can't I just use One Smartglass instead and make it work? 2 people found this answer helpful. -F. Did you find this answer helpful Fable II Signature Series Guide [Doug Walsh] Ships *FREE* with qualifying offers. The item in bold is the Knothole Island Tome, which unlocks an achievement worth 25 points when you collect all 10. The same goes for the Knothole Knight costume. Select the Mummy Fire Mage and target yourself with Fireball until you die. (Burning vines count, too.) Build a character at the end of the game and drink one. Fable Anniversary Obsolete Achievements Fable 2 Achievement Guide Fable Anniversary Achievements The Great Fireball Fable Anniversary Walkthrough.

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