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The actress, who became famous in Zendaya in one of the new fresh network crops with the young starlet, is a magnet for controversy. Disney kept Thorne's innovative nature a secret until the end of the series, but this idea was very short-lived. Since she graduated from Disney, Thorne has morphed into a fearless voice, regularly repressing women and forcing them to be easily engulfed in the context of the subject. But the actress is not caged. She is committed to living an unconventional lifestyle out of her relationship, career, and sexuality. In other words, she has crushed a few wings along the way. Some of Bella Thorne's biggest conflicts are listed below. Could Tanamongo be reached for comment? Bella Thorne may have been a Disney Channel star, but she was reluctant; like the Co-Star of Shake It Up, the actress didn't buy into the network's crazy strict rules and had no problem calling out unfair behavior. This was never more evident than when Thorne was 13 years old. According to the Los Angeles Times, the incident occurred behind the golden age of obnoxious celebrity bloggers, when the actress was big enough to graduate to the eighth grade. In other words, it concerned Perez Hilton. She commented on Thorne's body, claiming that since she and Zendaya wore black bikinis on the beach, "I would be more comfortable if she just covered herself."

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