Get Beautiful Nails with our Natural Nail Repair Oil — 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Balms for Healthy, Clear Nails — Made in USA

Introducing the Better Nail Oil — a powerful and completely natural solution for challenging nail issues. When traditional remedies fall short, our essential oil blend steps in, providing swift and effective nail care.
Responsibly Sourced All Natural Ingredients — Our Homeopathic Remedy Essential Oil Blend for Nail Health contains the following:
✔ TEA TREE OIL: Extracted from Australian Melaleuca alternifolia trees, known for their cleansing properties.
✔ LEMON OIL: A citrus oil believed to inhibit growth.
✔ LEMONGRASS OIL: Rich in antioxidants, offering soothing benefits.
✔ OREGANO OIL: Recognized for its purifying properties.
✔ COPAIBA BALSAM: A natural emollient that locks in moisture.
✔ SAFFLOWER OIL: A nourishing oil that replenishes and conditions the nails.
Top Reasons Why Naturalists Prefer Our Nail Oil — The Trusted Choice for All Natural Nail Care:
⭐ Premium Grade Ingredients. ⭐ Cruelty-Free, Kosher, Vegan. ⭐ Fast Acting, Highly Effective.
Studies have proven the effectiveness of our essential oils in addressing nail concerns and promoting overall nail health. Additionally, our oil can enhance the appearance of your nails, leaving them looking vibrant and revitalized.
Directions: Apply 1-2 drops per nail 2-4 times daily, gently massaging into the nail area. For optimal results, use the oil regularly. Please handle with care to preserve product integrity.
Package Dimensions: 2.91 x 1.38 x 1.34 inches; 1.76 Ounces
UPC: 767870957413
Manufacturer: Natrulo

PROMOTE NAIL STRENGTH: Incorporate this liquid into your routine to promote stronger and more resilient nails.
TARGETED SUPPORT: Our formula targets specific nail concerns, offering effective support for nail health.
NATURAL & MILD: Free from harsh substances, our product offers a natural and gentle option for nail care.
EASY APPLICATION: Packaged in a 15ml dropper bottle, our product allows for easy and precise application for optimal results.

Price: $7.99
(as of Aug 30, 2023 09:33:05 UTC — Details)

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