Enhance Jaw Line and Beauty with Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapers for Kids, Women, and Men – Introducing Metal Crystal Cleaners for Adults

Metal Crystal for Steel Kids Women Scraper Men Cleaner Stainless Cleaner For Adults Tongue Tongue Beauty Tools Jaw Line
ENJOY BETTER ORAL HEALTH — When you use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue, not only will you get fresher breath but better overall oral health. Plus, food will actually taste better as you remove the gunk that’s covering your taste buds!
WIDE, CONTOURED SCRAPING HEAD — Cover more surface area with each scrape for a faster, more efficient clean. The curved shape is designed to fit the contours of your tongue, maximizing both comfort and effectiveness.
Name: Tongue Scraper Cleaner
2 x Tongue Scraper Cleaner
TO USE — Maintaining great hygiene shouldn’t take much time — your new tongue scraper is designed to work fast and is easy to keep clean and sanitary. Store it with your toothbrush and make fresh breath a daily habit.
STRONG, DURABLE, BEND-PROOF — Most other tongue cleaners, both metal and plastic, are flimsy and bend out of shape with regular use. Avoid the hassle with our 2 pack of strong, reliable, bend-proof tongue scrapers.

Item Weight: 0.74 Ounces
Item model number: T5T3ioBEx
Manufacturer: hhseyewell

STRONG, DURABLE, BEND-PROOF — Most Other Tongue Cleaners — Both Metal And Plastic — Are Flimsy And Bend Out Of Shape With Regular Use. Avoid The Hassle With Our 2 Pack Of Strong, Reliable, Bend-proof Tongue Scrapers.
2 X Tongue Scraper Cleaner
TO USE — Maintaining Great Hygiene Shouldn’t Take Much Time — Your New Tongue Scraper Is Designed To Work Fast, And Easy To Keep Clean And Sanitary. Store It With Your Toothbrush, And Make Fresh Breath A Daily Habit.
ENJOY BETTER ORAL HEALTH — When You Use A Tongue Scraper To Clean Your Tongue, Not Will You Get Fresher Breath But Better Overall Oral Health. Plus, Food Will Actually Taste Better As You Remove The Gunk That’s Covering Your Taste Buds!

Price: $0.60 - $0.30
(as of Aug 31, 2023 17:00:00 UTC — Details)

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