Effective Oil Control: FOMIYES 800 PCS Organic Blotting Paper for Facial Oil Absorption and Makeup Blotting

Package List:
800 x facial oil absorbing sheets

— Color: Assorted Color clean and clear paper oil.
— Size: About 9.00X6.00X0.10cm/3.54X2.36X0.04inch Face Absorbing Oil Paper.
— Material: Linen paper Facial Oil Cleaning Paper.
— Designed to quickly absorb excess oil and help control gloss without any powder Oil-Control Blotting Paper.
— Suitable for home, gym, playground, car or office use. Share it with others or give it as a gift oil blotting sheets for face.
— Each paper has fragrance, which enables you to have a good mood during use Face Cleaning Paper.
— It’s practical facial oil control absorption paper and packaged by portable box, convenient for you to use Absorbing Facial Sheets.
— Our item consists of many pieces, which is enough for your daily needs Sheet for Oil Absorbing.

Goods Description
Handy Oil Absorbing Tissue specially designed for oily skin, can be used on T-zone, cheeks, and other parts prone to oil secretion. Facial skin oil blotting paper. It won’t smudge makeup or leave any marks on your face. Oil blotting paper made by environmental-friendly linen paper material, it is safe for all skin types.
Blotting paper for oily skin— designed to quickly absorb excess oil and help control gloss without any powder.
Facial blotting cleaning tissue— you simply need to press it against your cheek, forehead, chin, etc.
Face absorbing oil paper— designed for oily skin care, these facial blotting sheets can be used on normal, oily, and skin.
Blotters absorbing tissue— designed for absorbing oil and extra makeup on your face.

Price: $14.29
(as of Sep 14, 2023 14:57:13 UTC — Details)

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