Dornail 1 Box/12 Grids: White Pearls for Nails — Half Round Pearl Beads Nail Charms, Stainless Steel Caviar & Flatback Pearls for Women’s DIY Nail Art Crafts

【Easy to Use】First, clean the nail surface and apply nail glue. Second, choose the desired size of nail pearls and nail beads. Then, apply glue and stick the nail charms onto the nail. This process is simple and time-saving, resulting in a beautiful nail design.

【Independent Lid for Each Grid】The box contains individual lids for each grid, allowing you to easily select different sizes of pearls and nail beads by opening the corresponding lid. This feature ensures easy storage and organization, preventing any mix-ups or spills.

【MULTIPLE USE FOR】The nail pearls and nail beads can be used for various purposes, such as creating 3D Nail Art, accessorizing weddings, decorating artwork and bodies, engaging in DIY crafts, embellishing hair, designing wedding dresses, enhancing makeup, personalizing cell phone cases, glasses, shoes, cups, tumblers, greeting cards, bags, guitars, scrapbooking, and any other design you can imagine.

【Perfect Gift】This kit makes for the perfect gift for your family, friends, and wife. It is not only suitable for nail design but also for various artistic processes. Allow everyone around you to have a perfect nail art design and create unique designs that reflect individual styles and preferences, elevating the experience to high-end salon-quality nail art.

Price: $5.99
(as of Sep 23, 2023 02:10:33 UTC — Details)

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