Discover Tophany Non Toxic Fast Dry and Easy Peel Off Nail Polish Set for Women, Kids & Teens — Eco Friendly, Organic Water Based Formula — 6 Bottles, 5ML Size

Professional nail polish offers a range of stylish and trendy colors that can complement your skin tone and outfit. With this nail polish, you can experiment with different nail colors every day.

1. Made of eco-friendly material, it does not have an irritating smell and is safe for the skin.
2. Water-Based Peelable Formulation
3. Easy to peel off directly
4. Contains 66% Aqua, Mineral pigments, Polyurethane resin. The low-odor formula makes it safe for both adults and children.

Package Contents:
6 Pcs Water-Based Nail Polishes Set (5ml/Bottles)

How to Use?
1. Soak a cotton pad with polish remover and clean along the nail and surface.
2. Apply a thin layer of base coat. Avoid applying it repeatedly. Let it dry.
3. Apply the first layer of colored nail polish. After it dries, the color may appear a little light.
4. Apply the second layer of colored nail polish. After it dries, you will see a full and uniform color.
5. Apply the last layer of top coat to protect the nail polish and enhance the shine of your nails.

Long Lasting Secret:
1. Soak a cotton pad with polish remover and clean along the nail and surface.
2. Wear gloves while doing housework to avoid prolonged contact with water.
3. Avoid showering or washing your hair within 4 hours of applying the nail polish.

1. The longevity of water-based nail polish may be lower compared to gel nail polish due to its nature.
2. This nail polish is not meant to be consumed. Please keep it away from children and avoid contact with eyes.

Package Dimensions: 6.97 x 2.95 x 1.02 inches; 6.7 Ounces
Date First Available: April 17, 2020
Manufacturer: Tophany

Fast Drying and Removable: The unique formula allows the nail polish to dry in approximately 80 seconds. You can easily remove the nail polish without using any nail polish remover by soaking your fingers in warm water for a while.
Multiple Colors: The nail polish set offers a wide range of colors suitable for various occasions such as casual outings, nightclubs, parties, and weddings. You can choose a different nail color every day to match your style.
Easy to Use: No UV lamp or LED nail dryer is required. The quick-dry formula allows for easy application. Simply choose your desired color and brush it on twice with the included brush. The entire process takes only 8 minutes.
Product Contains and Customer Service: Our product includes 1 box of nail polish (6 bottles). If you have any issues with our products, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.

Price: $17.99 - $9.99
(as of Sep 04, 2023 05:46:07 UTC — Details)

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