Banana Pudding Lip Care Combo: Exfoliate and Repair Chapped Lips with OverSoyed’s Handcrafted Banana Vanilla Wafer Scrub and Lip Balm Gift Set

Creamy layers of vanilla pudding atop crushed vanilla wafers, topped with fresh banana slices. Intoxicating sweetness sprinkled with a hint of delicate spices. You won’t find a truer banana pudding scent unless grandma makes it!
UPC: 301637516057
Manufacturer: OverSoyed Fine Organic Products
Country of Origin: USA

This unique formula is enriched with real imported Turbinado sugar crystals to gently buff away dry flakes of skin cells as it exfoliates and conditions your lips to a smooth finish. The formula nourishes lips with quick-absorbing organic Argan butter that provides long-lasting moisture. Lips are left smooth, protected, and hydrated.
Your lips will feel refreshed and renewed… Use some before applying lipstick to give your lips a clean surface for that perfect pucker! Comes in a variety of flavors to choose from with ingredients that help heal and soothe.
Once you’ve achieved soft, kissable lips with our OverSoyed Luscious Lips Sugar Buff Scrub, you’ll want to protect them from the elements and keep them moist. Our Soothing Lips Flavored Moisture Balm provides a smooth layer to nourishing comfort while soothing dry lips with lasting moisturization. Our formula of all natural oils and ingredients will leave your lips silky soft.
Beauty Tip: Regular exfoliation can help to remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while giving you a younger fresher complexion. With the aid of the Turbinado sugar, the Argan Oil’s nutrients are more readily absorbed into your skin.

Price: $14.95
(as of Aug 31, 2023 15:21:59 UTC — Details)

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